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Are you fed up with your dating life and ready to make a change? My effective and affordable programs are designed to fit your specific, personal needs. I’ll work with you to ensure you have the tools you need to help find your special someone.


We’re in a new age. In the last five years, technology has dramatically altered our lives. We live in a “immediate” society now due to social media. More specifically, Instagram.

All of our most personal moments are now documented on facebook, twitter, instagram and good old text messages.

While the new technology is designed to make our worlds easier to live in, we can access more people, hook up with old friends on social media.

We have lost our sense of personal intimacy and contact. Gone are the days when we talk on the phone, meet for special events or just to pop in. 




Kathie Wrote:

“I can tell Patti anything and be assured it will be held in strictest confidence. She never judges, and she never tells me what I should or shouldn’t do. I make my own choices.”

Gary (60) Wrote:

“I am still looking, but I’m enjoying it very much. Patti, I don’t think I’ve paid you enough.” 

Marsha Wrote:

“Patti re-directed me in a positive, entertaining way. Then she followed up to make sure I was doing my part and taking responsibility for accomplishing my goals. I am closer to finding my true life partner than I ever was before because now I know what I want and deserve.”