Patti Feinstein

Dating Coach


Patti Feinstein is responsible for helping thousands of people improve their dating life and meet their perfect partner. She has been on the front lines of the dating coaching phenomenom since 1992. Patti has an honest and authentic approach to helping each and every client she takes on. Her clients find her observations not only helpful, but entertaining. Patti’s wicked sense of humor adds a little “spoonful of sugar” to help your medicine go down.

Patti honed her skills in several boutique matchmaking offices before creating her own dating empire in 2002. Working side by side with a forensic psychiatrist, Patti learned firsthand through study and observation why some of her clients were succeeding, and why some weren’t. Her passion and expertise make her one of the most sought after coaches in her field.

Patti is a regular guest on Health, Wealth and Wisdom. She taught a course in adult dating at one of Chicago’s most prestigious private schools and conducts seminars across the country. She does consulting work for several companies across the United States and takes on private clients of her own upon her discretion.