I always knew but I didn’t know………….

I just wanted to send a huge thank you to my readers.

While I went into this business to help daters and I was very aware of how many of you were out there that wanted help, I had NO idea how many people would have responded to this blog.

I don’t approve every single comment because it’s overwhelming to me. But I do want to say thank you very much for reading and posting. Even if some of you are doing it for other purposes. You’ve helped my site rankings tremendously and I feel I owe you a debt of gratitude.

If there is something you specifically want addressed, please write to me at patti@americasdatingcoach.com and I will do my best. My best stuff comes when I’m angry at a situation myself and can better be tuned into the idea.

Thanks again. It keeps me focused to know that so many of you understand and feel the same way.

All I can say is try for happy dating right now. Keep you chins up and you will eventually find happiness. Just remember one thing, having a person in your life is not always a good thing. We want to find good, solid, honest people that we can not only depend on to be there for us but that we feel a romantic connection with as well.