Are the holidays the kiss of death

It’s tough to be alone for the holidays. Especially when your family is asking why you don’t have someone. Pressure?

Perhaps you’ve met someone you do like and the timing is just off. Or you haven’t met anyone due to time or just not knowing where to go or what to do. You’re not alone.

For parents and friends of single people:

Please don’t ask why they haven’t met anyone. They’re frustrated enough and the added pressure is more than they can bear.

For you single people. Great news! We’re in the age of the baby boomers and if you think you’re too old, you’re not. More people have experienced divorce now than ever before and there really is someone out there looking just for you! Yes, I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true. You just have to get your wings back on and go out there and enjoy life again. Sitting at home only invites the pizza delivery person. Go enjoy the holiday festivities in your community. It’s a great time to volunteer where you’ll meet other people who are trying too.

Do something nice for a stranger. It’s not the stranger you’re after, it’s networking. Look on and try to find something you might enjoy. Never do something once but twice. Remember the first time you try a new activity of meet new people, you’re not relaxed enough to just be yourself.

Finally, if you really don’t have time to push yourself to get out, savor the moment. Try to remind yourself that life is in a constant state of change. The one thing you can be certain of is that nothing is certain. This too shall pass but only if you are meeting new people and taking a chance.

Happy Holidays, my dating thoughts are with you and remember being alone is better than being with someone that makes you miserable.