After the break up, way after…………………..

So your year has gone by and you felt your soul had been raped. Well, perhaps it had been. But you feel you’re back on your footing now and you’re not thinking about him/her 24/7. Whew! Aren’t you glad that one’s over?

So now what? I’ve said this for years and after trying it myself, I know it’s true. Time to pick up some new hobbies and watch what happens. If you’re too busy for that, what about a new job where there’s a new pool of people to meet?

Two tips for you now that you’re back to normal. Keep the endorphines pumping because they put you in that good mood that people find irresistable and GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. Love is an accident just waiting to happen.

Go have a head on collision. Trust me, you’ll look back at your break up recovery time, not to mention the person that made you nuts in the first place and say to yourself, “what was I thinking?”