Stolen Souls

You can’t get them out of your mind. You’ve tried everything you can think of to get them back. You’ve read after the break up online, bought the books, tried everything humanly possible. WTF???????????

Why do I think about this person 24/7 when they aren’t even nice to me? How am I going to get them back? How am I going to get through the day. She sits right next to me at work? Does absence make the heart grow fonder? We were perfect for each other, look at the loser they’re dating.

Does this sound like you? Having trouble getting your soul back?

Many of us have been down this road. Hundreds of people have written to me about their break up’s. You just can’t stop. There’s something inside you that is aching to be with them and it can’t be for whatever reason.

And then, they call you out of the blue! There’s hope! No, there’s not. You’re getting mixed signals.

How many of you are out there? Step up, speak. I have a blog and will post your responses. There must be a support place for you. It’s right here. Write about your experiences and send them in. You won’t believe how many people are in the same shoes. They get it. They understand. You need to be here for each other so you don’t feel so alone. Bring on the comments, the stories, everything. We will form a community and in it, you will find so many people that will understand and you know what? You may even rid the demons that are haunting you. You may reclaim your soul.