Men are not from Mars and women are not from Venus

You’ve heard the expression, right?

While it’s true that men and women do think differently, let’s look at how they look at dating differently too.

Okay, ladies………when you get dressed to go somewhere, how many outfit choices do you go through only to find none of them “feel” right for the occasion? This has happened to all of us. Now I ask, how many different outfits do men go through? Probably not as many as we do, right?

So what’s the moral of this story? Even if there are more men out there than women, if a woman overanalyzes the man to death and the man just goes with his gut reaction on a woman, wouldn’t it just make sense that men move faster into relationships than women?

I’ve often heard there aren’t any good single men. They’re all married. Wake up ladies, they’re right in front of your face. The real problem? They just move faster than we do and it’s up to us to go with the faster flow instead of losing a great guy because we had to overanalyze it.