Staying in the Moment

Did you know that most first dates don’t turn into second dates? Guess why!

Most daters go into first dates with “is this the one” on their minds. Both women and men. It’s common to hope you’ve found the love of your life but it’s also counterproductive.

Here’s an analogy. Someone tells you there is a movie you’re going to love, right? You go to the movie and nine times out of town, you think to yourself, it was okay. You’re expectations were high. You realize it later after you’ve given it some thought and even may say to yourself, if they hadn’t recommended the movie, I probably WOULD have loved it.

It’s the same thing with a first date. Someone may have fixed you up and said, “you’re really going to like this person.” You get all excited and there’s no place to go but south! This is also why when you meet someone accidentally, you are astonished. You had no expectations. You weren’t planning on meeting someone. It happened when you least expected it. You probably weren’t dressed as nicely as you would have been had you planned to meet this person, etc.

Next time, you get fixed up, find someone online or going to an event where you think you might meet someone, concentrate more on having fun, enjoying the moment you’re in and surrendering to the circumstance. Watch how your expectations change and look out for a big surprise. Never look, let love find you and let it find you by accident!